Marketing and Design for the Resort Community


The Literacy Project of Eagle County

The Literacy Project is a non profit located in the Vail Valley. Its mission is to empower the Eagle Valley community members of all ages by offering free assistance in acquiring the English literacy skills they need to function more effectively in their daily lives.

The original website was chock full of information but that information was not easy to find and very difficult to navigate. The user was unable to get to the information easily or in a way that made sense. Simply put, the User Experience (UX) was nonexistent and oddly enough, unreadable.

The first objective was to organize the content. The obvious direction was to create a clean and updated design with a user interface that was simple to use. Creating an organized User Interface (UI) that allows the user to experience everything The Literacy Project has to offer was essential and the main focus for this redesign.

The Literacy Project is a nonprofit organization who relies on donations to keep its doors open. We needed to make sure that users could easily donate. Treehouse Creations created callouts for donations in multiple places in order to make the donation transaction easy to perform. In addition, we seamlessly connected paypal with our content management system so that all transactions go through the clients account.

Users included students, ESL students, many different types of volunteers and donors. Treehouse Creations was able to create an inviting website that appealed to all its users while managing all of the content. This WordPress website is easy to update for the administrators. It also allows for donations with a simple click. Please visit The Literacy Project here.

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