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Difference between RGB, CMYK color profile

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK? Color formats come in several “shades”. For practical purposes we will discuss the key differences and applications between RGB, CMYK and we will even touch on PMS colors. The reason to write this article is to inform you as a business owner or even marketing director that […]

Google’s new Ranking Algorithm, User Experience Matters

Google is rolling out its new algorithm on Tuesday, April 21, 2015. Content has always been king and will still play a very big roll in the way that Google ranks websites but now Google says that the User Experience is just as important if not more. It┬ámakes sense to say that your website should […]

Imagination and the illusion of the smile

I just returned from a great road trip with my girlfriend and our children to California. I’m not here to talk about the road trip in general, but instead focus on a ┬ámoment of the trip when I took a breath, looked around and realized what was created in front of me by a man […]

It’s 2013, is your website ready?

What type of website do you have? You do have a website, don’t you? Let’s see: a brochure site, content management system, mobile version, responsive, blog, photo sharing, informational, interactive, e-commerce, whew! there’s a lot and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What is right for your business? And there is no need for Flash. Let me repeat myself, you do not need a website built on flash. There are many reasons why and I will save those reasons for another post.