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Imagination and the illusion of the smile

I just returned from a great road trip with my girlfriend and our children to California. I’m not here to talk about the road trip in general, but instead focus on a  moment of the trip when I took a breath, looked around and realized what was created in front of me by a man with a vision. A man who knew that imagination and the art of the smile could create an entire world for everyone in the family to enjoy. Now, I could talk about the beautiful landscape of the Colorado Rockies and the the Orange colors of the desert floors at sunset. Zion National Park or the look on the boys faces when we stayed in Las Vegas for two nights or even the moment we pulled into Newport Beach, CA and the boys ran wildly toward the pacific ocean. Each one of those experiences were one of a kind and I will always cherish. But the moment that struck me as something bigger was when we stepped into Disneyland. Disneyland. Imagination and the art of the smile. A great family vacation. Prior to the road trip, I purchased a book from our local bookstore, the bookworm on Walt Disney. It was a Biography for 9 and 10 year olds about the life of Walt.  The two older boys read it on the trip and told us facts about Walt along the way. It was fun for the kids to learn about him before we headed into his kingdom but it was interesting to learn about him from an entrepreneurs point of view. Like many entrepreneurs, he had many jobs. He delivered newspapers, took illustration classes and became an illustrator and started several businesses including an illustration business and an animation business. Most of the businesses failed until Mickey Mouse was created. The rest is history. Throughout the day we enjoyed the rides and shows and watched the 30,000+people walk around the park. At one point I noticed an employee door that had opened and on the other side it said, “Open door slowly and give them your best smile.” It was true, it looked like every employee there was having the best day of their life and they wanted to share it with you. Whether or not the employees where having a great time, well, that didn’t matter. The illusion of the smile works wonders. The smile is not the point of this post either. But the main takeaway I had with my family was what one person’s dream, determination, focus and hard work meant for the rest of the entire world. Being able to take part in a full day of excitement and fun with my children on this day was bigger than just us. So I try and smile and use my imagination a little bit more since that great family trip. DisneyBoys.Ken

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